Hi! I'm Rachel.

Welcome, it's a joy to have you here! We all have been uniquely & wonderfully made to live out the extraordinary. This is something we often lose sight of, but that is why I have created




I am a Fitness Enthusiast who has been Figure Skating competitively & teaching others over the past 15 years. With a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from my home town of Flagstaff, AZ at Northern Arizona University, to becoming a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association, & coaching on the ice as a Professional Skaters’ Association Instructor, all these have been stepping stones of perserverance to be where I am today.  These details don’t define me, but have been a portion of my story in allowing me to pursue my passion of working elite athletes to everyone in between.  I can humbly say I am blessed beyond measure. Movement is an artform to me; a way I can freely work through the stressors & challenges of life without feeling weighed down. Exercise can be fun, should be uplifting, & will lead you to stay 

s t r o n g, 

            d i s c i p l i n e d , 

                         &  h u m b l e d  

if you are open. I know this to be true in my own story, & I want to share it with you. Our highest competition lies within ourselves. Why be intimidated, or wonder how to reach your full potential...settle, when you have the power to be the best version of yourself. Clique, SO true, but let’s be real here. We choose one way or the other. I choose daily to be free. I am a firm Believer that our bodies are Temples that have been designed by The Creator, entrusting us  to honor Him through healthy living. Let’s do this together.


Another top muse in my life is Nutrition, which is not just a trend, but a beautiful way of nourishing vibrant, balanced lifestyle. As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, you can find me on the daily mastering up new healthy dishes and treats randomly throughout my work breaks. Life as a certified personal trainer & figure skating coach allow me to have intentional time in the day for R & R,  relevant research, & creating beautiful combinations of natures finest ingredients is just one of those things I can't get enough of. Sometimes I’ll have a random ingredient pop into my head, & start instigating what could pair really well with that in the kitchen. The best part of my philosophy in cooking? It is simple, fast, packed high quality ingredients, & taste delicious every time. And when it looks good too?!? Icing on the cake. Sharing with a friend or family?!? 

P E R F E C T I O N .


Whether you are an elite athlete, or a casual & curious lover of life not quite sure how to do the whole fitness & nutrition thing, 

E L E G A N T   E D G E   R E F I N E R Y  has been curated with you in mind.  I am honored to be on this journey with you as you continue to be set free in the refinement of your


m i n d , 

b o d y , 

&  s o u l .

As history continues to unfold, the best is yet to come.

Looking forward to finding the best alongside you,


x    o        r  a  c   h   e   l