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This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I’ve been searching for my perfect planner for about 6 months now. Call me indecisive… but I’d like to just say I know what I like… and CNCPTS Made was EXACTLY what I was looking for. It’s a big deal to me to have a quality planner, because if I’m honest with myself, I’m the least organized person on the planet haha. I have a ton of ideas I wake up with every day, have a busy schedule balancing two self made businesses as a private figure skating coach, as well as CEO of EeREFINERY (duh), & to have a tool to schedule & strategize efficiently is priceless. This year I just knew that it was detrimental to find a planner that provided a little more EDGE to my entrepreneurial year. Oh my has this CNCPTS Made planner done that & so much more…

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When I originally came across CNCPTS Made one glance, & that phrase, “when you know, you know” popped into my head. It’s size & aesthetic were exactly what I had been wanting, & my unorganized, artistic entrepreneur brain couldn’t have been more thrilled to have a straightforward, & simplistic layout for all my ideas.

From day one, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the fine detail with this planner. They really have put a lot of thought and attention to what would be not only functional, but aesthetically stunning to the eye. Each time I open up the planner it’s an experience. I feel inspired more than ever to really reach my goals & dreams& dare I say, CNCPTS Made is my personal assistant?! YES, I said personal assistant. Laugh at me but that’s what I call my planner now cause that’s how much of an impact this little book has become in my life.

For a business owner, this planner is a MUST HAVE. CNCPTS Made planner has incredible, unique features to really build your business intelligently & realistically throughout the entire year while tying in your personal life.

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CNCPTS 2.0 Tan Front Main.jpg

elegant, Minimalist planner for your everyday hustle in business & personal life

One of the greatest features taht makes this planner so extra sprecial is that it really does a beautiful job of bringing personal and business into one platform. I am an entrepreneur at heart & love what I do. My personal tasks & business tasks tend to be linked together most of the time anyways, so finding my “personal assistant” book has made a world of different in creating the best space for me to make everything in my day, week, month & year, flow in the most intenstional way. I feel so clear headed & more organized than ever. It’s the minimalist’s dream planner that gives precise organization, clarity in business & personal, & simplicity in your every day. From the athlete looking for a goals journal, someone wanting to document their nutrition journey, all the way to the modern day professional that cares about aesthetic, THIS IS FOR YOU. xoxo. Cheers to personal assistants & little vegan books ;)

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CNCPTS 2.0 Tan Front - Box.jpg

Some favorite features:

Vegan Leather:

It is made with Vegan black or brown leather

Quarterly Goals:

This section directs you to really see the time spent on projects, business plans, etc within a quarterly timeframe. It’s helped me stay focused on specific things & really make it happen. It’s something I have never seen in a planner that has already been a game changer for me. I get boggled down by details, which can be great, but when running a business, it can get in the way. With the quarterly goals, I’ve been able to see the wider view of my year as a whole, in chapters, broken down into parts, & focus on a few things instead of 10. I’ve been more productive with my time than ever in my life.

Weekly View:

This is the most used section for me. The unique way it showcases focus of the week at the top, & then a breakdown of morning and evening focus really helps strategize my time through the week & sometimes look back & see how I can improve my productivity from past weeks. There is a priorities of the week with high, medium & low importance, personal to-do’s, chores & errands, & a notes section I like to add quotes, verses and inspiration to.

Business Model:

Toward the back of the book is a business model to fill in for the modern entrepreneur. Any business owner knows how vital this is in the foundations of your own business, and to have it laid out in this little book makes it all really nice to have in one spot.


One of my favorite features in this unique planner is that it’s undated, allowing  the flexibility to start it whenever you want. From business or school project planner, to yearly planner & lifestyle journaling, the CNCPTS Made book is limitless in how it’s able to be used.

Open Journal Space:

There is open journal space of blank pages to sketch, draw, & write whatever your heart desires. With my nutrition coaching, I’ve been jotting down recipes to share. I also write down workout ideas for clients, my personal fitness goals, & skating notes for my athletes. Additionally, I like to write down my little victories in life, & prayers to really document my life journey of the whole year. The possibilities are endless :)

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So to sum it all up, we may not have committed to those New Years resolutions, but just because we’re into February, doesn’t mean we can’t take this month, & the months after in pursuit of what we feel we should be running after. Whether personal or in career, I’ve found the CNCPTS Made planner to be the thing I can confidently name my “personal assistant.”