What Protein Powder Should I Get?!?


What Protein Powder Should I Get?!?



One of the top questions that continues to be asked is, "What protein powder should I get?!" Most of us go into the protein powder section, look at the rows upon rows of protein powder galore only to be overwhelmed by all the choices. Is there really is a difference?!? Why choose this vanilla bone broth protein powder over the vegan superfood one?? I will tell you, there are several comparisons, which is why I'm here to help! I've learned much over the years from conversations, research, & trial & error, & hopefully you have a clearer view by the end of this to determine what you will choose. 


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A good majority of protein powders these days consist of whey. This is a great option for those tolerant of dairy. I ventured down this path a few years ago, thinking I could handle it, since my lactose intolerence has gone down significantly since I was a baby. I was mistaken and it's definitely not for me, but I'm not everyone! The benefits? It's an incredible source of protein. It's cheaper. Much cheaper. That's why I chose to try to see if I could handle it. If you go down this route, opt for grass fed whey protein powder. Pictured right is high quality at a great price. 



For the vegan or vegetarian, this protein powder is the perfect alternative to animal sourced protein powders. It has 21 grams of protein, is gluten free, kosher, vegan, non-GMO, soy free, and USDA Organic. The main source of this protein powder comes from organic peas. I've personally had this one for years when I hadn't found my favorite choice (don't worry it's coming up on the list) that wasn't whey. I enjoyed the vanilla bean flavor the most in this brand. 



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I've been searching for a protein powder that is high quality. Being lactose intolerant growing up hasn't allowed me to have whey without feeling really sick so being on the search for grassfed paleo protein?? It's hard to find. Impossible really. But to my surprise, I just came across Paleo Pro, and I couldn't be happier!!! This is hormone & antibiotic free, pastured grassfed beef and egg protein with 26g of protein per serving!!! WHAT?!? 26g of protein?!?! DREAM COME TRUE! I got the unflavored unsweetened powder, but they have other flavors to check out too. This continues to be my new favorite go to ingredient in my  smoothie recipes. 

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Of my top 3, Ancient Nutrition Organic Bone Broth Protein Meal is the perfect choice for the Paleo-Friendly meal replacement. It comes with 20 grams of protein per serving. Easily curated with smoothies, shakes, or milk alternatives alongside your favorite fruit, greens, etc. The possibilities are endless. Ancient Nutrition has several other flavors including Chocolate flavor, but because I like to switch up flavors so much, I usually just add cacao powder to my smoothies if I have my chocolate craving. Vanilla is a bit more neutral for my smoothie "canvas." To name a few benefits to bone broth protein, your joints, muscles, skin, hair, and energy will improve. And for those wanting weight management, this is GOLD alongside Elegant Edge Sport Monthly Fitness Challenges. You're welcome in advance ;)




Life as a trainer, working professional, and boss lady, I am on the run most mornings at the crack of dawn. I don't have the appetite to eat breakfast when it's 4:30/5am, so coffee, or tea or a light smoothie with a serving of collagen protein, amongst other surprise ingredients that I can reveal in another post ;) This has truly helped keep me grounded, energized.

 For all you ladies wanting to have shiny, healthy hair, THIS IS THE BEST PART...I noticed a huge difference in not just my hair, but my skin and nails too after taking this daily. Further Food has great options for different choices of collagen protein. For a discount, go to https://www.furtherfood.com & use discount code, ELEGANTEDGE10. 


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I have my favorites, but from this protein powder scavenger hunt, you can see there are a lot of versatile & great choices out there. Each person is different, so what may not have worked best for me, could be exactly what you are looking for. Always do your research, & by now I hope you've found better insight on which protein powder selection you'd like to try out.  If any of these protein powders selected are of interest to you, most of the pictures are links for your convenience to purchase directly to amazon or the specific branded website. Happy protein powder hunting! :) 




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