As an athlete, and stubborn one at that that wants to be 110% all the time, the S word, S U R G E R Y, along with the R words... R E S T & R E C O V E R Y, don't exactly mix well in my world. I love training in the gym and at the ice rink. It's my world and what helps let go of the stresses that come along with this whole adulting thing that even at the age of 30 (still working on excepting that number lol) I'm still figuring out how to master it. I love the feeling of reaching new goals, lifting heavier weights than the week before, gaining progress on skating skills or completing a newly choreographed program for an upcoming performance. It's very freeing and a way to alleviate stress. So naturally when I get injured, it's my worst nightmare. Slow down!?! Rest?! Haha. I know all you athletes out there can relate. But one thing I've learned over the years is to truly listen to your body and be more patient than I'd like to return to play so to speak. I've pushed it to much to speed up recovery in the past to leave myself slowing down the process to heal because I wasn't allowing myself to gain patience in the process. Sometimes we have to stop and smell the roses to allow healing in other parts of our lives.  



A lot of you already know that I've recently had hernia surgery. I've been nearly bed ridden for about 2 months. Don't ask how I got it. I'm guessing from lifting too heavy of weights... aka my ambitions were higher than what my body could handle. Hernias are common for athletes and weight lifters, and I just so happen to be a lucky candidate haha. Thank God for parents and a boyfriend that were willing and able to pitch in to help in this whole process. Without them I don't know what I would have done.



Fast forward, I got the surgery a about a month ago now, and have been slowly but surly getting stronger every day. I'm now returning to some normal day activity, like walking, sitting up on my own (yes this is a huge victory!!!) and have been brainstorming up things I can do to SAFELY get back. The doctor said I can walk, stretch, & lift light weights (hello 2.5 pounds & resistance bands) with very high reps. WHOO! I'm actually excited about this. I love this kind of workout that looks super easy but actually kicks your butt firing up those muscle fibers! Light stretching is starting to be my current favorite as my body has been very stiff not being able to move much at all. Of all my options of body weight exercises & those trusty 2.5 lbs weights, I'm currently loving my triggerpoint kit has been a lifesaver in terms of smoothing out knots & tightness throughout this time of healing. Consider it like a deep tissue massage & recovery masterpiece in getting things back to where they should.


Recovery is a process I'm learning to embrace, along with what the word REST truly means. With that, I've been stepping into healing of my body, along with my mind & heart. I can honestly say that this time, although trying, has been a challenging, yet beautiful chapter in my life. For all those who have been supporting & encouraging me along the way, I thank you so much. Until next time, I hope you can find a little bit of that rest, recovery, & renewal. 

xo, Rachel


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