Over the hustle of the winter season, I have been on the hunt to select a gift of value that brings delight & energy to those I work with in the gym & nutrition journeys while showing my appreciation toward them. I love cooking. That's no surprise to anyone that knows me. What better way to display my gratitude than to give a yummy treat composed of simple ingredients?!

So here it is! My clients all received PBPB... PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN BALLS that look & taste incredible! The best part?! They are healthy! For those of you wanting to stay on track to a healthier lifestyle in 2018, this is a big deal!


For the busy bee business professional, college student, or kid begging your parents to get something that tastes good, this grab & go snack is your go to. Before or after a workout, or in some spare time on the computer, cook in the toaster oven to enjoy as a cookie!!!

Hello people. You. Must. Try. These.


"So what's the recipe?!" says everyone partaking of PBPB goodness. 

Feast your eyes on this SIMPLE RECIPE...



2 CUPS Organic Quick Oats

1/2 CUP Ground Flaxseed

1 CUP Organic Creamy Peanut Butter

2/3 CUP Honey

2 TSP Vanilla Extract

1/2 BAG Guittard Extra Dark Chocolate Baking Chips

Optional: 1/2 CUP Coconut Flakes


Makes ~40 protein balls



Mix dry ingredients in large bowl: Oats, Flaxmeal, Choc. Chips, & Coconut Flakes (optional)

Mix wet ingredients in smaller bowl: PB, Honey, Vanilla Extract

Combine wet & dry ingredients, make into balls on a cookie sheet, refrigerate for up to an hour, & package in cute bags for gifting... OR in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer. They are NO BAKE! SO EASY! For me, I LOVE them frozen & helps savor them a little longer. Another option you can do is cook them in a toaster oven on 350 for just a few minutes & you have a delicious cookie! 

NOTE: Because I was making this for so many of my clients, I doubled the recipe. I usually always double recipes like this so I can freeze it for prolonged enjoyment. Either way, it makes a decent amount! 


Hope you enjoy these delights

as much as my community of gym rats did! 

XO- Rachel 

Elegant Edge Refinery