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As a former competitive figure skater with a passion for  beauty in fashion, movement, science, & pure ingredients, I set out to create the ultimate luxury, active lifestyle culture & brand that sets  us on fire. With Elegant Edge Refinery, the sophisticated lady is equipped with the tools & holistic essentials to truly be set free… to read more, click link below


Refine Your Life

& Be Set Free

At home & in your profession, let EeR help you implement

self-care & luxury essentials into the everyday edge


Are you struggling to find those essentials that

make up a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

Start here with the Be Set Free Goals Sheet to allow you to organize, & break down your focus for the month, quarter, & year.

Elegant  edge Refinery 

Hello Healthy Grocery List to get me started toward fitness /health goals!!!

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Be Set Free


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why the name Elegant Edge Refinery?!


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